Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Other Disney

I've been MIA around these parts lately...literally.  We took a rather last minute little trip to the other side of the country and were lucky enough to sneak in a day at Disney World.  Kinda crazy since we are annual pass holders in CA but life is short and it has been on the bucket we went for it.

BTW, their fast pass system rocks.  Catch on CA.  Soon.

I had a work trip to Florida and that guy that I like so much tagged along.  Total role reversal for us.  I worked hard...but then I played hard, too.  


 Work was busy but I was able to get it all done and have time to play...we went to Disney and ate at great restaurants and played in the warm ocean and just had a really fun time.  Plus...I flew business class and let me say this:  it's gonna be really hard to go back to the cheap seats.  BUT...if I ever want to travel for fun I'll have to.  Oh well.

We came home to a rather, ummm, lived in house.  Let's smelled a bit like a frat house, a zoo and a locker room all rolled up into one.



To their future wives...I'm sorry.  I did my best but now they are your problem.


And now?  Now I am really ready for everyone to return to work and school so that I can return our lives to some sort of a schedule.  This summer...between Europe and Florida, well, I'm ready for a bit of routine.  And, if I must say it, a bit of alone time, too.

Just a bit.  Long enough to watch a Hallmark movie without male commentary would be nice.


I've missed this place and the time I spend writing about our daily stuff.  Boring to most, but it means something to me.  Lots more pictures to come this week but in the meantime...the above picture is of my favorite meal of all times.  Yum.  I could eat that same meal day in and day out.  Of course I'd have to hike an extra 3 hours every day but let me just say...totally worth it.

All my boys were home for two nights...Matthew flew in from Alabama for the week but is spending most of that time with Bri (his girlfriend), who lives in Las Vegas.  Fun having them all home together....the house is definitely louder and fuller and poorer (they eat a lot!) but it's also a pretty fun place to be.

Summer're treating us well.


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