Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More Summer Randomness

1. Tonight, TONIGHT, is our very last summer basketball game.  I thought I'd be happier...I mean, they have all been at dinnertime and are 30 minutes away.  But they've been fun...Brian has really come into his own and is anchoring this team and I'm loving watching him play.

Before you think we will have loads of free season officially starts next week.

FYI...the coach in the plaid shorts?  He's 7 ft tall.  For reals.


2. We've come to realize that we are not big TV watchers.  Sports, yes...I mean, I do have a houseful of boys.  But rarely do we watch regular shows unless they are recorded.  We're loving Netflix lately and are watching new to us series this summer.  That guy that I like so much tried to cancel most of our cable package but everything is so intertwined that it'll end up costing us more money to have less.

Go figure.

And then, after I complained a good bit about that, I found a good movie on HBO.

It's meant to be.

3. That guy that I like so much makes the BEST lunch salads ever.  Seriously.  They are always different and amazing.  

I'm not ready for him to go back to work.  I love me my summer salads.

4. Finally....we cleaned out our closet.  He got rid of 5 old polos and I got rid of 1 shirt BUT everything is now folded and hung and neatly put away.

Whew.  I was worried we wouldn't get anything accomplished this summer.

5. I'm normally a Bon Appetit reader but was just gifted this magazine and I absolutely love it.  Full of stories and really good articles.  I haven't tried any recipes from it yet (it just came yesterday) but I'm hoping to soon.

It's been gloomy sunshine for the last few days.  I'm hoping it burns off today so I can spend a little time outside in the warm sun in between Brian's school and practice and game.  Leaning towards meatloaf and mac n cheese for dinner...seems like a good night to give the grill a rest.  

Happy Wednesday.


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