Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Summer

Summer has arrived for many of us on our little house on our little street.  Garden parties, late nights,  fabulous grilled meals, old movies (last night?  Houseboat with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren.  She is...dreamy.  So is he!) and the dream of re-organizing the whole house which as of yet is still just that.  A dream.
(tuscan chickens grilled under bricks)

Enter in the babe of the family who didn't seem to get the memo of the fact that it's summer vacation.  School ended last Wednesday and he had two whole days off before life kicked into high speed.

He's taking two summer school classes across town (an extra English class to boost his GPA because he is his father and a slight overachiever and health, which is required and he couldn't fit it in his regular schedule) and then is playing not one, but TWO sports.  Football and basketball.  

Basically, we are on the road all. day. long. between school and camps and games.  

And you know what?

I. Love. It.

This is what I do best...driving boys everywhere.  Load them up and hit the road.  I've been doing it for so many years and I see the end...he's the baby after all, and it makes me a bit sad.  

Meals are eaten at strange times and there are football practice bags and football game bags and weightlifting bags and basketball practice bags and basketball game bags and this babe of mine, who has been organized and a go getter since conception, keeps it all straight.

I just get in the car and drive and occasionally (ok...often) pull protein bars and chilled water bottles out of thin air at just the right times so that he still thinks I'm super mom.
(fried fish. be still my soul)

Oh...and I do his laundry, too.  Or at least I did until Saturday when my dryer decided it was all done. Perfect timing.  So we cancelled our little fun getaway we had been planning in order to be mature (sigh) and we will have a shiny new one on Friday.

Being a grown up means making decisions that aren't always fun...but are necessary.

And that's ok.


There have been lots of moments to hike the trail, too...and the garden is quite literally blooming before my eyes.  Because we were traveling I was a bit late to plant and only got a few things in the ground...12 tomato plants, 4 zucchini, 2 eggplant, and 3 peppers.  I still want to get in some cukes and radishes and carrots and beans and peas but you know what?

It just might not happen this summer.

And that's ok, too.


In other family news:  Alex, after being off for a few weeks (such is the life in construction) is back on and working full time.  He comes home dirty and tired and...happy.   Matthew is somewhere or other...seriously,  drum and bugle corps during the summer is like Where's Waldo.  He, too, has found his thing and I have come to realize that that is what parenting a bunch of older kids is about.  

Let them find their thing knowing that their thing might not be my thing but then again my thing today is not what my thing would've been 25 years ago.  And my boys?  They're doing just fine.   They all work hard, say please and thank you and are pretty fun to be around.

Not one of them can pick a wet towel up off the floor, though.


Todays plan?  More driving with Brian.  Carnitas (in the crockpot) for dinner.  An away basketball game at 5:00pm.  Yet another old movie to discover. 

And maybe, just maybe, a closet will be cleaned out.  There's a few to choose from but it's just so hard to direct myself inside when the sun is shining outside.


I will leave you with this:

Buddy the Dog.


How did we ever live without him?


How did we?


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