Monday, January 13, 2014

This Weekend

Friday night: basketball.  

We cheer for them all, but especially for red #25.


Late Friday night:

Dinner, consumed standing up at the kitchen counter.  Guacamole from the grocery store, tortilla chips, and  a beer.  

Gourmet? Nope.  Delicious? Yep.


Party prep.  250 meatballs, 100 italian sausage, 4 pots of gravy.


While I cook inside, that guy that I like so much does garden prep.  We've got a good system down...he does the stuff he likes and I do the stuff I like.  

Saturday night:

50 college students packed the house.  

Saturday night:

New this ice cream sundae bar.  I usually do a hot chocolate bar but changed things up this year and I'm glad I did.  I scooped all the ice cream ahead of time and put it back in the freezer and then did TONS of toppings.

Saturday night:

The annual white elephant gift exchange.  Funny...and loud.

Sunday morning:

Not so bad.  Not sure why, but clean up was a breeze this year.  

The rest of Sunday:

Church.  10 loads of laundry.  The Bronco's football game.  A tux rental for the youngest shrub.  Supper picked up from Urban Plates. The Golden Globes, followed by some ice skating that we had taped yesterday.  

The coffee is ground and the alarm is set.  Brian has to be in the weight room at 6:00am and I have to head to a town about 30 miles away for work. 

How was your weekend?

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