Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oh What A Week

I had visions today of laying somewhat low.  I have PILES of paperwork to go thru for work, emails to answer, phone calls to return and a work car that needs to be cleaned out.  And then the problems started coming in and I found myself all over the place handling one situation after another.

Here's the deal...and it's a pretty simple deal.  If you are hired to do a job, then do the job. If you find yourself not wanting to do the job anymore, then call someone and quit.'s not rocket science.  Don't just not do the job...especially if you are a grown up and it leaves young children in a dangerous situation. 


You've now had a glimpse into my day today.


Tomorrow is a new day.  I like that.  

If the timing is right, I just might take my coffee break at Disneyland again.  I can park my car, walk in, grab a coffee, ride a ride or two and be back at my car in an hour.

I like that, too.

I had been stressing out over a decision I had made but today that worked itself out, too.  I had thought Brian was going to have to miss a basketball game...a big basketball game but today, out of the blue, the game got changed.  In all our years of playing, we have never missed a game...and now we don't have to.


I cleaned out my pantry today...took everything out and then put everything back in.  The interesting thing is that it looks EXACTLY the same.  It was a mess before and it's a mess now.

I give up.

Anyone want to come organize my pantry?  My house?  My life?


Supper tonight is a strange one.  Leftover stuffing made into waffles and then topped with over easy eggs.  Don't knock it unless you try's a favorite of my boys and while it sounds really strange, it is really, really good.  And easy. 

Try it.  You'll see.


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