Wednesday, December 4, 2013


The below picture is my screensaver on my phone and it makes me laugh so hard.  Kamryn was trying to take a picture of the other kids and Alex reached in (with his baboon arms...seriously, the kid has the longest arms in the known universe) and hit the flip button on the phone so that she actually took the picture of the two of them instead.

First off, she has the most gorgeous eyes in the whole wide world...even when she makes funny faces.

And two?  This is what my boy looks like 90% of the time.  This is why I've asked for prayers.  The boy was born with a mischievous look on his face.


It's an interesting week so far.  Our house seems so quiet...and disorganized.  Our friends are gone and I am missing them so much, but I've had a mind shift...rather than being sad (like I was all weekend) that they are gone, I am so thankful that we all had the last 10 days together.  And that 10 days comes after a week this summer.  

How blessed that we can live so far apart yet have been able to see each other twice in one year?

The problem is...I'm hungry for more.  I want more time with all of them.  More time to laugh and cry and play hugely competitive games.  I want more time.

But instead, I'm focusing on putting my little house on my little street in order.  There's some painting happening around here...both boys rooms need to be done and it's happening soon.  I'm choosing lighter and brighter this time around.  In all honesty neither of them cares about any of this, which is slightly annoying, so I'm picking the colors.

I'd pick them any way.


My girlfriend and I walked the lake on Monday and the sky was so glorious.  A literal portrait in the sky.  I love knowing that this world is bigger than just me.

And the next day?  Cloudy and gloomy.  I braved the carwash anyway...I never would've in my own car but the company car is a whole 'nuther animal and I like to keep her clean.  Especially after almost being hit twice in the morning.  Crazy drivers.

Traveling to Orange for work today and squeezing in a noon time church service.  Making a pot of potato soup once I'm home.  Going to an away basketball game for Brian.  Wrapping presents while the house is quiet.  And maybe, just maybe, picking up a Christmas tree because the only thing missing now is that beautiful smell.

Nothing like it.


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