Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Monday After Vacation

Today was my first day back at work in over a week.  I woke up while it was still very, very dark and began answering emails...by 6:30am when I turned on Brian's light I was in good shape.  I showered, unloaded the dishwasher and hit the road and it wasn't until I came home a few hours later that I noticed it.

I never made coffee.

Who forgets to make coffee on a Monday morning?  Apparently I do.  Oh well.

Alex turned 20 this weekend and we now have two kids who are in their 20's and only one teenager.  Whoa.  I guess we're all aging.  I was carded at the liquor store the other day and actually got kinda excited until the young punk that was working told me that he was required to check all ID's...even if the people were old like me.

I should've slapped him.

Above:  Alex's main present, modeled by Matthew, was an authentic Bronco's football helmet.  Our drywall is shaking in it's boots.  Combine that with a boy in a wheelchair and none of us are safe.  It's...exhausting.

Below: Matteo and his love.  I'd skip a Thanksgiving at home for a girl like her, too.


Our little house on our little street is slowly being transformed into a winter wonderland.  The outside is done; the inside still has everything piled in the hallway.  

It's on the list for tomorrow.

My boy in the middle.  Follow up x-rays are next week.  Praying for good news because he doesn't want to be one of the 90% that needs surgery after a break like he has.  So far, so good.

His cake?  Yellow with chocolate frosting.  Following all the desserts of Thanksgiving it was just ok...but the candles that relight after you blow them out?

Totally worth it.

Today I shopped online for myself...isn't that what CyberMonday is all about?  I made up for it by making a huge pot of Cioppino for my men-folk...and that huge pot just barely fed them all.  In the end they were all making sandwiches as a snack, which I guess means they were still hungry.  I seriously thought 3 lbs of seafood, a loaf of bread and a ginormous salad would've filled them all up.

Tomorrow night?  



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