Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lots On My Plate

Just popping in.  Our internet is taking a vacation; turns out our 2004 modem is, well, done with us.  A new one will be had tomorrow but until then, things are a bit slow and iffy and definitely not high speed.

It's actually nice...unless you want to blog.


It's my last week of work for a few weeks and I am looking forward to the rest.  Today we're having our holiday party so I'm heading up to LA for that; tomorrow is just finishing up loose ends.  I'm tired and I need the break...and so do my people.  They have worked so very, very hard; I've done their job and I know what they are dealing with.  

I had a complete, falling apart cry yesterday.  It's all just been too much.  Managing a household.  A son with a broken foot.  Basketball season and running the snack bar.  Christmas.  Stretching dollars that cannot be stretched any more than what they are being stretched.  Wrapping.  Planning meals.  Work.  

It all just hit me at once.

I cried...hard.  And then I put on my big girl britches and cleaned my house, finished the laundry, cooked dinner, set up the coaches room and snack bar at the game, came home and spent time with my family and then sat in the bathtub and cried some more.

And in the middle of that cry it came to me.  There was, in the outside freezer, a container of spumoni.  And boy oh boy oh boy...did mama ever need that ice cream.

I threw on my fluffy pink bathrobe, grabbed a spoon and ate straight out of the container.  First the green.  Then the pink.  Repeat.  Every third or so pass, a little bit of the brown.  

Just what the doctor ordered.  Well, probably not since I have blood sugar issues but WHO CARES.  

Health or sanity????  Sanity for the win!

That being said, this morning was an ugly work morning...and it's only 7:25am.  My day begins at 5:30am, so it's like noon already in the real world.  The dishwasher is still broken, the internet is still iffy (but better without any one else hogging it) and the house is, quite frankly, a wreck.  I'm still feeling frazzled and anxious and am struggling to let God carry this load for me.  And I don't know why...but in all honesty, I haven't even asked Him to which now makes me feel even more sad.

Sigh. will be hour by hour.  I'm going to pop into my favorite little church for some quiet time on my way to my party.  And I'm going to eat the rest of that ice cream...spoonful by spoonful.

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