Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What You See... what you get.  Unfortunately.

I'm speaking at a conference soon and they needed a bio.  And then I procrastinated...and procrastinated some more.  And then their people called my people and my people had 5 minutes to write something and send it off.  And yep, I know you're supposed to have a shiny, cute bio but my people were in a creative rut.  

Let’s face it…I’m the mom of a houseful of boys and this is what I look like most of the time. I’ve been blessed with much and deserving of none of it; but thankful for all of it. A husband who listens. Three boys who make me laugh, cry and pray. A sweet little house on a little street. 

I write so that someday my boys and their families will know that I was a real person who loved deeply, messed up greatly, forgave easily and most importantly, that I prayed unceasingly for each one of them. For now, though? I’m just ‘Mom, can you get me a sandwich?’ and that’s a pretty OK person to be. 


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