Monday, November 18, 2013

Here We Go

Why is it that during the holiday season, all I can think of are the things I haven't done or accomplished or said?

I haven't kept an organized enough house.  I haven't been a good enough mom, wife, friend, etc.

Basically,  I'm questioning every. single. solitary. crazy. decision I've ever made.

And let me tell's exhausting being in my brain.  I think too much, worry too much, over analyze too much.  Seriously...I've been a basket case lately.

Part of it is the lack of any quiet space in my world right now.  Alex is in week 3 of his recovery of his broken foot and for a kid who has spent his whole life finding ways to escape, he is now here all the time.   

If I had known that a broken foot would have had this effect, I would've broken it for him while he was in high school.  I would've slept more because I would've known where he was.


He spent the first week in pain.  The 2nd week he was mad.  This week?  He's loud and funny and is driving us all a tad bit crazy.  He's feeling good, has lots of time on his hands and has a bigger than life personality.

Pray for us...we have 5 more weeks of this.


So I hike.  A lot.  And pray.  A lot.  And cook.  A lot.

And whine.  A whole lot.

This weekend began with a big family dinner with our friends.  We were all pretty worn from the week...nothing a little food and wine and a few rather rowdy games of Sorry couldn't cure.  There were lots of boys here, too...wheelchair tricks and video games and when I went to bed, they were all involved in an intense game of Uno which went on and on and on.

Saturday was an errands day; Sunday was church and lunch and football.

The craziness begins this week: friends from out of town are coming; Thanksgiving needs to be thought out; basketball season begins.  But most important on my calendar?  Scheduled in quiet time to pray; to read God's word; to regroup and refocus.

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