Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Walking Balboa

The youngest shrub in our family decided he wanted a haircut...not a buzz cut (that is easily and for free given in the Busch Brothers Barber Shop) but a real haircut.  Our local barber is close and cheap, meeting two out of two on my list of things a barber should be, so off we went.

And I watched him age in a 10 minute span of time.

He cleans up well.


This morning that guy that I like so much and I grabbed coffees and a really, really bad bagel (big city bagels...years ago they had yummy bagels and now they just don't) which we threw away because life is just too short for a bad bagel and drove ourselves to Balboa Island.  We walked and walked and even walked ourselves onto the ferry for a ride over to Newport where we walked some more. 

It felt to good to be outside because the fact of the matter is, our little house on our little street is kinda dirty right now and no one feels like cleaning it up...sometimes it's just easier to shut the door and walk away.

So that's what we did.


The thing about Balboa is that the whole island is just charming.  Too bad the prices are upwards of 2 million to live in paradise...and seeing as we still have no electricity in part of our house because we can't afford the electrician, well, it doesn't look like we'll be buying anything there anytime soon.

We once lived for 18 months without a furnace or air long can we go without a few lights?  

Supper tonight is baked chicken and a lemon risotto with arugula and a bottle of really good bubbly that's been chilling in the fridge for a month or so...we're celebrating tonight.  Tomorrow that guy that I like so much has to go back to work.  Sigh.  Another summer has come and gone just like that.  Our garden hasn't gotten the message that summer is ending, thankfully...and hopefully won't for a little while longer.



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  1. Wasn't California once known for rolling blackouts? You just have one within your four walls! :-)


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