Monday, July 29, 2013

The Hollywood Bowl

I still have so much to write about our vacation, but last week it happened.  Work happened.  Summer is coming to a close...maybe not for crossing guards, but definitely for the whole business that goes into making great crossing guards.  

I'm excited for this year...I really do like my job.

The one big negative?  These shirts that we have to wear at socials that are being held for our start up.  


I bet you want a pepto bismol colored shirt with a big shoe on it, too...don't ya?

Last Thursday that guy that I like so much and I headed to Hollywood for a concert.  I had scored some cheap tickets on Groupon, we ordered a picnic box to be picked up there and we left home all relaxed and smiley.

And then sat in hours of traffic....welcome to life in southern California.  There's gotta be a price for living in an area with perfect weather year round...and traffic is definitely a big price.  Thankfully we don't have to deal with it on a regular basis...everything we need is local to us, but occasionally?  Traffic.

Once we got to the Hollywood Bowl, though, we entered paradise.  An amazing picnic was waiting for us and we slowly forgot all the cares of the world as the sun began to set. 

Lovely.  Absolutely lovely.

The concert was one that is special to us...Resphigi's Pines of Rome.  Years and years ago we took our three young boys to Europe for 3 months, spending the majority of that time driving all over Italy.  Towards the end of our trip we spent a day at the Villa Borghese, playing soccer, rowing a boat on the lake, eating proscuitto sandwiches and listening to the Pines of Rome on our walkman while playing amongst those beautiful old trees.

It was the kind of day that we'll never forget.


It was fun to finally hear it performed live.  

Thank you, Groupon.  


After the concert we needed a snack for the way home so we headed for Pink's, which even at midnight was packed.  Pinks has the best hot dogs and their onion rings are out of this world great.  

Totally worth the heartburn the next day.


Coming home was interesting as both major freeways were shut down, so we ended up detouring and seeing lots of interesting places...the kind of places where you double check to make sure your doors are locked.  Not that I remember any of it...I fell asleep and woke up once we were almost home.


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