Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cheese and Basketball and Cold

We took a little drive towards the beach and stopped in to our favorite cheese shop.  There's just something about going to a small owned business, especially at the holidays, that makes you feel...special.  Seriously,  they take such careful time with every person who walks in the door that you come out with not only really, really, REALLY great cheese (there's this new french feta in olive oil that is, quite simply, life changing.  Seriously, it will take you from 'I'm gonna lose it with these boys' to 'all is right in the world' in one single bite) but feeling like you've shopped at a place where they might actually remember who you are the next time you come in.

Go visit Vin Goat.  And if there is a line...wait.  Be patient.  It'll be worth it. 

Oh...and if you see this cheese board, don't buy it.  I really, really, REALLY want it.

(that's a hint for that guy that I like so much...)


So last night, after a particularly long day...a day that involved me doing a HUGE project for work and then finding out I did it WRONG and then driving to an away basketball game in the rain and then having to wait while the game before us went into triple overtime, I came home and was STARVING.

The boys ate Chipotle.  I opened my pretty wrapped cheese.


I'll be honest with you, I am feeling a bit ho-hum about this holiday season.  I just can't seem to switch my mind to all that needs to be done and so I am just putzing along.  Not much of the shopping is done.  No baking yet.  No wrapping is done because there is nothing to wrap.

So today, that guy that I like so much and I are going for breakfast and coming up with a plan.  Or maybe we'll just eat breakfast and worry about all that needs to be done tomorrow.


On 12-12-12 at 12:12pm, I was in church.  I figured if the world was gonna end I would like to be in prayer at that moment.  So I prayed and listened to a story about the Angel Gabriel and came out feeling calm and thankful and very much alive.


Last night...more basketball.  Tis the season!  Brian is hard to follow a big brother who accomplished all that he did last year.  We have to remind him that it didn't come easy for Alex either...but it's hard to see that.  

Bri makes me laugh, though...for Christmas?  He wants 3 inches.  


Southern California is cold and drizzly.  We have this 'thing' going on in our house...that guy that I like so much goes from room to room, opening every window in every room to let in all the fresh, cold air.  I walk behind him and shut every window because I am tired of freezing.  The cycle continues over and over and words are spoken, just windows opening and closing.

Marriage is fun.


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