Monday, December 3, 2012

Busy Weekend

Well...December is here.  

I love December...but we are two days in and I am exhausted.


To begin this month of non-stop-edness,  I went to a Christmas brunch with my bible study.  Great speaker, fun women, so-so food and just a really, really great way to welcome in the month.

Also this weekend, a last minute dinner reservation to Maggiano's with that guy that I like so much...we were all decked out in our Christmas finery and it felt like a real honest to goodness date.  Not bad for year 28, people.  Not bad at all.


After, we went to the annual concert that he is normally in charge of.  The bow tie?  Well, that's the real deal bow tie and not a clip on.  The problem with that is that it didn't tie itself.  Thank God for YouTube and the kind British man who talked him through it.

As for the concert?  It was different.  Good, but different. 

He's ready to go back to work I think.


Sunday morning had the boys and I at our home church...I just needed to be there for the start of Advent.  Let me just tell you....great music, communion, a sermon that was SO AMAZING, and the grumpiest, most foul children I could possibly ever be sitting next to.

My children.

Good thing we were in church.  Sigh.

Home long enough to throw in a load of wash and go to a bridal shower.  By then I was running on empty and was having visions of a hot bath followed by my pj's.  The shower, though?  Very, very sweet.  

My house is in serious need of some love...or, better yet, a team of people to come and clean it.  It's at the point where I just don't even know where to's just that bad.  Oh well.  There's always tomorrow, right?


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