Thursday, July 26, 2012

Old Movie

There's a theater in town that shows classic movies on Wednesday nights and this week...Grease.

It's the sort of thing where before the movie starts, the manager comes out and introduces the film and offers free tickets to whomever can answer the trivia questions correctly.  It's so very...old fashioned.   And I love it.

The movie?  Racier than I remember.


I came home to a houseful (mine plus a whole bunch of their friends) of boys playing video I lugged out the gallon ice cream container from the outside freezer and force fed them sundaes.

It was a hard sell.


Today is the day we begin ripping apart Alex's's being painted this weekend but first it needs to be cleaned out.  His room is just...nasty.  I let it go for while (years, even) but the time has come.

He's thrilled.  So am I.


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  1. I remember seeing Grease with you when it first came out. Yes, I remember it was racy. What nice girl would turn to be a greaser? All the Back to the Future movies have a lot of swearing. Movies ratings have changed.


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