Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Morning

A beautiful, sunny, HOT morning on my new favorite trail.

Or at least it was...

...until I read the sign part way in.

Ummm...I'm a girl.  A girl who no likey likey snakes.  Or bugs.  Or anything icky.

So guess what?  I RAN.  Like, ran the trail.  The whole thing.  

The funny part?  I run slower than I walk.


The brother barber shop was open yesterday.  

Alex did Brian and Matthew and  then Matthew did Alex.

I love boys who wear easy ( read...CHEAP) hair.


My kitties are SO happy that I am home.  The feelings are mutual.

A cocktail and Hemingway while supper cooks.

Feels so grown-up.  I spent a whole summer a long, long time ago reading all the classics...I'm repeating that this summer along with that guy that I like so much.  

The house is quiet this morning...Alex is still sleeping after going to the midnight showing of Dark Knight, Brian has basketball and Matthew left last night for an impromptu road trip to Texas.  Texas!  1300 miles, which they are driving straight to, in order to catch a drum corps show.  Kinda wishing I could comment on his fun facebook posts, but no one wants their mama commenting on their facebook page at this age...but sounds like they are having quite the adventure.

Crazy kid.


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