Monday, March 5, 2012

A Sniffly Weekend

Oranges.  My houseful of boys just can't seem to get enough of them...that, and eggs.  3 dozen a week (of eggs), to be exact.  And 4 gallons of milk.  3 loaves of bread.  These boys of mine (and I only have two living here!!!) are all growing.  Again.

And, even with all that vitamin C, I am sick again.  Three weeks ago I was sick.  Two weeks ago I was sick.  This weekend?  Sick again.  Enough already.

On Saturday mornings, that guy that I like so much typically makes breakfast.  I'm the pancake person...he's the egg person.  But not normal eggs...poached eggs on toasted bread spread with pesto.  With a vanilla latte on the side.

I wish every day was Saturday.


And then, while I layed in the sun sunning myself (and sniffled and sneezed and whined about all the sniffling and sneezing I was doing), he planted and watered and fed and made the whole garden look pretty.

86 degrees in SoCal.


Saturday night we drove down the coast and had a dinner at The Beach House in Cardiff by the Sea, timed perfectly at sunset.  The main reason we were down that way was to attend a choral concert (a Rene Clausen concert) and made a (sniffly, sneezy on my part) date out of it.

Our meal?  Part great and part not great (and kinda funny...I mean, they forgot about us more than once, but the fire roasted artichoke?  Awesome.) and the concert was enjoyable.  The best part?  Running into old friends who made the whole concert so, so fun.


Sunday?  I stayed home from church but did pick up my oldest from the airport, roasted a bunch of chickens and napped in the sunshine.  

I've got myself convinced that I will be 100% healthy in the morning.  No matter what.


How was your weekend?


  1. I had a wonderful weekend! BTW, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your Blog made Blog of the Month over on Blog Mommas!!! Woo Hoo!!!

  2. I'm sorry you've been feeling "under the weather"...but I'm jealous of your weather. 86 degrees?! This was a family weekend. Liz and her dog came for a visit. We went for tea and chocolates at Anna Shea's Chocolate Lounge and then shopping at Charming Charlie. Mike and I already had a date night planned before we knew about her visit, so we left the girls and went to the Elgin Symphony for an all-Beethoven concert. Gabriela Martinez was the guest artist for the Beethoven piano concerto, and she was just as amazing as when we heard her play with the Chicago Symphony last summer. All in all, it was a fun weekend!


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