Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Real Live Date

 That guy that I like so much have been on two different ships this semester...he is working so many, many long and not always fun hours and has a new to us teaching schedule where he can't even sneak away for a lunch and/or a hooky day.

It's not been fun and I have missed him.

Friday I spent FOUR HOURS on the phone straightening out an issue with the 'eye are ess' that ended up being straightened out in the first place (whew!) and pretty much had hit my limit with what I could handle that day, so when that guy that I like so much called to check in (we may not sneak away for lunch dates but we do sneak in phone calls) I told him I was ordering pizza for supper and taking a bath and that even the ordering pizza part was going to be a stretch.

His response?

We need a date.  A real live date.

Can we get an AMEN?

We hopped in his cute car and drove to the Spectrum, because that's what people around here do on a Friday night.  Parked the car and headed to PF Changs, put our name in and began to stroll to pass the time for the 45 minute wait.

While strolling?

We stumbled on a new restaurant...Cucina Enoteca.  

A moment of silence please.

It's a funky sorta warehouse-y sorta urban-ish place with a really cool vibe.  They had a wait, too, but asked if we would like to sit at one of the community tables they had...and that guy that I like so much, being that guy that I like so much who talks to everyone anyway, said sure thing.

It's a wine store with EXTREMELY affordable buy the wine at cost and pay a simple $8 corkage fee, which is such an amazing idea.'s the food.  We sat at a long table and watched the pizzas come out of the wood grill and the the chefs tossing fresh pastas...oh my word.  

It rocked.

So there we sat, just the two of us at a table with bunches of other people and while we chatted briefly with others, we sat and had a long, long chat...just the two of us in a room full of people.

Man, I've missed my boyfriend and man, was it nice to get away.  

We ate tapenade and squash blossoms and zeppole and a beet salad and a pear/gorgonzola pizza in that big warehouse, but it felt like it was just us.

I sure do like him.


And after?

The Hunger Games.

Having just read the book last weekend (both of us), it just seemed appropriate.  So good...though not sure I would get it if I hadn't read the book.

And then we drove home to our little house on our little street.  Today we are back to real life...I have a banquet meeting, he has preview day and tonight we have a dinner to go to.  Tomorrow is Palm Sunday and we'll be back at two different churches in two different towns, but then we'll meet up at Alex's basketball banquet.  Monday?  Back to work.

But last night?


And call me if you want to go that restaurant...we'll meet you there.


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  1. I'm jealous, totally jealous---I love, no LOVE, zeppole, and I haven't seen HG yet---we have a date next week with my sister and brother in law to go and see it.


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