Monday, March 26, 2012

Matthew's Recital

On Friday night, Matthew had his Senior Recital.

Because he is a Senior.  In college.

Wasn't he just 12, like yesterday?

I hadn't heard him play in a while, so I was pretty excited.  

All those lessons?

So worth it.

And then panic set in...not at the fact that Matteo was performing, but at the fact that he asked his younger brother to introduce him.  The younger brother that doesn't speak in public.

And when the younger brother, all 6'2" of him, went out on stage and said, 'I am Matthew's little brother...', was awesome.  And then Matthew played so beautifully and there were so many people there to support him and then his dad accompanied him on a piece and then I realized that the whole night seemed to go by so very, very quickly.

And I love starting sentences with 'And...'


After, my niece Sophie played her own little diddy on the organ...she's going to be on this stage in a few years.  


My role...the reception.  No pictures because there were SO MANY people there, but let's just say that I dug out all the silver, brought lots of goodies (some homemade, some store bought), a few pretty tablecloths and passed it all off to my sister-in-law who makes everything pretty.  And that she looked gorgeous!

Thanks, Joanna. 


Someone came up after and commented on how great Matthew was and then something to the effect that 'it's your good parenting that got him here.'

Ummm...I disagree.  

(even though they meant well by that statement...)

God gave him the gift.  Matthew made the decision to work hard and grow that gift.  We had nuthin' to do with it...can't make a kid love trumpet lessons (or a sport, for that matter) unless they want to love it.

Next up?  Graduation.  Then he and his gaggle of trumpets are heading to grad the fun isn't over yet.


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  1. I've been waiting & watching for this post: and all that's missing is the 'silvery' sound of Matthew's trumpet! Please say there's a DVD of his recital to enjoy when I'm back this summer! Was the reception at Concordia or your house?


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