Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Watching The Sunset

Sunday night following a beautiful concert, we (that guy that I like so much, my oldest son and the amazing composer) headed down to the beach for a little supper.

Or a lotta supper, depending on which person was eating.


Sunset at the beach is one of those breathtaking, beautiful things in life that we (the peoples who live 6 miles away from it) take advantage of far too infrequently...something about the timing of that whole sunset thing that coincides with husbands arriving home from work and children who have reached the witching hour and mothers who are thinking of nothing more than a martini and a hot bath.

Something like that anyway.

I always wonder when watching that big ball of fire that is provided to give us warmth and light...how when it lowers and lowers itself until it is just sitting on top of the water, how that moment is so quiet and beautiful, how one cannot believe in God?

Our conversation that night was all light and fun in the beginning...everything from real estate prices in Indiana vs. California to raising free spirited children to traveling the world with young children.

But by the time dessert rolled around things changed.  Not in a bad way, but in a thought provoking way that has me still thinking two days later.

It began with a simple ' have you seen the face of Jesus?' question...a question I was able to answer pretty simply.  


In that guy that I like so much, who works so unselfishly.
In my middle son, who has such a servants heart.
In my girlfriend, who is always there with a smile.
In my niece Sophie, who gives the best hugs.
In my girlfriend, who hangs with her students during lunch rather than hiding in her office.

Seeing the face of Jesus around me is pretty easy if I slow down long enough to look for it.

But then came the next question.

"Have you BEEN the face of Jesus lately?"

Whoa.  Was I the face of Jesus while I was frustrated with my boys about their wet towels on the floor?  Was I when I called the driver in front of me this morning (who WAS going too slow, by the way....) a not so kind and loving name?  Was I when I grumbled (again) about our financial state?  Was I when I chose to watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills instead of finish my bible study?


But that's where grace comes into play, I guess.  God doesn't need me to be perfect...He just needs me to be aware. 


How about you?  Have you seen the face of Jesus lately?


  1. Leave it to you to make me cry-you are right about Soph!!! :0)

  2. Ouch! You stepped on my toes a little to hard there lady! LOL Awesome blog though, and I will be thinking about it for days to come I am sure. Love ya


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