Monday, October 24, 2011

Still Serving

Serving my country (haha) as Juror #9 is the strangest thing's like having a giant peep hole into someone else's life, which is just a tad bit awkward.  And kinda cool all at the same time.

But most of is exhausting sitting there all day long.  

I've got my eye on the prize, though...and that prize is the $15 a day that my state pays me to be there.  

(parmesan fries and a Spaten at The Counter...both half price during Happy Hour!)

The lesson I am learning in all this is that I need to relinquish some control...a lesson that for me, is one in progress.

Asking for help?  Not one of my strong suits...but one thing I've realized is that I am so often blessed by helping others and that by allowing others to help me it blesses them, which in turn blesses me.

Does that make sense?
(a most amazing chicken sandwich with pineapple salsa...YUM!)

Anyway, I am thankful.  Thankful for a friend who took Brian to the dentist.  Thankful for a friend who delivered some jewelry orders.  Thankful for a friend who sends me 5 bazillion text messages to read during the breaks.


In the meantime, I sit...and in between all the parts I need to pay attention to, there are huge long breaks where we (the jury) can't talk to one another or move other than to stand up and stretch.

So I'm taking advantage of it.  I've made lists...lots and lots of lists.  Christmas lists, Thanksgiving menu lists, home improvement lists, menu plans for the upcoming weeks, grocery name it and I've got a list going for it.

And while it's been interesting...I am SO ready for it to be over.


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