Monday, October 17, 2011

Happiness From The Last Week

Vin Goat.  A cheese shop in Corona Del Mar owned by a friend of that guy that I like so much and all I can say is...GO THERE.  We had the best picnic ever thanks to Hans.  Please visit...and try the orange aged gouda.  It's life changing.  For reals.

Our mantle.  Purty.  Too bad the picture is blurry.

Black kitty parade on the front porch.

Afternoon espresso with three very little spoonfuls of sugar.  And a small piece of fig and honey bread.  Helps make mama more human.  Who says the witching hour is just for little children?

Aunt Joanna and Brian.  Love.  And wow...he's gotten tall.  Or she's shrunk.

That guy that I like so much got a new iPhone and keeps telling me how iHappy he is.  Personally, it's been a tad bit iNnoying at the amount of time he's spent asking his new girlfriend questions.


Pretty sure she doesn't do laundry, so my place in his life is secure.



  1. Oh, Michele - you just made my day. And it's not even 7am yet, but starting with a smile is the best way. So...shall I still stop by this afternoon to chat? (sure beats an online 'chat')

  2. Meant to add: your photos of black cat on orange mat & espresso/bread are my favs of the month so far. :-)


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