Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Randomness

While cleaning, the boys found their old mini pool table and it was resurrected once again.  

And now it is already back under a bed, probably for another 3 years...but the hour of joy it brings for those every 3 years is kinda cool.

The cousins came to visit and no, my house is not really that color.

Brian's last day of summer music school involved some sort of dressing up contest.

And Matthew?  He's discovered your t-shirt collection and thinks you should take your time on tour.


Sunday lunch out at Portillo's.

The best way to order...italian beef, sweet, mozzarella, dipped.

Trust me on this.

Sunday night supper...still full from Sunday lunch.  

Pasta with fresh asparagus, proscuitto, and mozzarella...bread and tuscan melon on the side.  Eaten in the garden to the sounds of ABBA, followed by (yet another) heavy discussion between the grown-up's about prayer.

More about that later.

A common sight in my little house on my little street.

Darts. Everywhere. All. The. Time.

Another common sight?

That guy that I like so much sitting in our cute backyard with his iPad, reading a book from it.  

And FYI, angry birds is the most funnest game ever.  

It's Monday morning and I am moving slow. 

Must.  Make.  Coffee.


(In Matthew news...Louisiana today, Mississippi tomorrow.  Shows both days.  Packages mailed!)

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