Saturday, July 16, 2011


I've had nothing to share.

Nothing exciting, that is.

I've started to write and then stopped and then started and then stopped and then finally gave up and watched movies.

Some Secretariat.
Some The Tourist.

What else?

That guy that I like so much and I went and saw Harry Potter on opening night at 12:01am...but first saw part 1 at 9:00pm.  When was the last time you saw a double feature?  I'm not sure I ever really have....and it was a blast.  I cried because I have loved the books and movies and am sad that it is ending.

I washed my car this week after our big road trip and found $10.00 while folding up the 3rd row.  No one has come forward so it's all mine.

We've had 6 basketball games this week.  So far.  Two more tomorrow.

I ate a rather incredible piece of pizza with pesto, ricotta and chicken on it and I cannot stop thinking about it.  YUM.

And finally...on Thursday I got laid off from my job.  And to be honest, I cannot even go there yet.  I'm just too tired of things being thrown my way in the last few months.

Too tired.  Too tired.  Too tired.  Too tired.

Too tired.

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  1. My daughter Liz's facebook comment summed up her feelings about the end of Harry Potter: "RIP childhood." That alone is enough to make me cry, much less saying goodbye to the books and movies.


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