Saturday, May 22, 2010

Catching Up

Italy is a place that holds my heart.

And I am happy.


We tore up Rome…covering a weeks worth of sights in a mere two days. It’s always an adventure trying to figure out what kind of group we will be travelling with…some are easy and adapt to any situation, some are needy and not so sure about experiencing anything new and some are (I am sad to say) whiners and complainers.

And yep, we’ve experienced Europe with all three.

(getting scared as to what I’m going to say next???)

Winner, winner, chicken dinner….we’ve got a group of fun ones.

Rome had them a bit worried. It’s big. It’s loud. It’s old. It’s Italian.

It’s also a place that I love.


The weather was iffy the first few days and in fact, as soon as we left the Colosseum on the first day the heavens opened up and we got RAINED on. As in soaked. It was cold, we’d just flown over 15 hours and we were wet.

I wasn’t even supposed to be with the group on that day…I had made arrangements to take a train to Sora, a few hours outside of Rome, to spend a day in my Grandmother’s birthplace. I’ve been there before but since then had some actual details of her life that I wanted to immerse myself in, so I was ready to go.

But I didn’t. I needed to be with the students and it turned out to be a blessing. Rain and all. Seeing Rome through a bunch of eyes that were soaking it all in…well, it was priceless.

Sora will still be there.


After Rome we headed north to Assissi. I love that whole St Francis and his cathedral. Yowza. The weather held out until the moment we stepped out of the church and once again, the rain came. And students laughed and took it all in stride. Awesome.

We’ve spent days in San Gmingnano and Siena and Florence and Cinque Terra. I ate a fish that had a head on it and had the best meal of my life…a simple mixed bruschetta that tilted my whole world upside down. I cannot wait to cook…

Tomorrow is Lucca and then that awesome tower that leans.

And have I even begun to talk about how awesome iChat is??? Loving that my boys are just a click away!

(and Matthew? Outside my window, there are a bunch of Italians celebrating a win...reminds of Parma a few years ago, except this time I am staying INSIDE. LOL.)

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  1. Oh, you are having the best time....I love the pics. brings me right back. Glad that everyone is dealing well with the rain. What else can you do? but you are right-there are those that whine. Oh, the food. The wine. The sights. The people. I am so happy for you!
    Love, Kathy


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