Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Year Older

Yesterday was my birthday and while I would rather not tell my age, I will say that the first and last digits of my age are now the same and won't be again until I am 55.


It was actually a hard week leading up to this birthday. My friend Josephine died at the ripe old age of 97. I will miss her. Lots. But I know her heart because she spoke of it often and she is in a much better place now...but I am still sad. In a peaceful way.

And then my birthday joyously came, giving me yet more time on this planet to give my own children something to talk about with their therapists when they become adults.

I take great pride in that.


So back to my birthday. Church followed by a hot dog.

Pink's! Completely, totally caloric/fat free when eaten on your birthday. It's the rule you know.
Brian posed...and got stuck.

We laughed, took pictures and wiggled his head out.

(add it it to the list, son)

After pulling weeds in my garden, Alex peeled potatoes.

And yes, he's getting big.
A little bubbly.
The prodigal son...who brought his mama tulips.

Big sigh.
My little house has flowers AND boys everywhere...can't imagine anything better.

Those guys that I like so much cooked me dinner and 'cleaned' the kitchen and sang to me and pampered me.

I'm thinking I'll need another birthday later this week.



  1. As I tell my daughters, when they are adults and spending years in therapy, it's all their mothers fault!

  2. Kate's wish for a husband is someone who will sing to her, play for her, and even write songs for her...oh and probably cook for her too since she is still helpless in the kitchen in spite of jr. hi home ec and some cooking lessons from me. So if Mike has a clone or a student, I have a daughter : )

  3. You forgot the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings obsession!

  4. Woman!!! Happy late birthday to YOU! You deserve everything you received from the boys and more. You, the coolest person I know. You, the joy in so many people's lives (mine included). You, the woman on her way to Italy!! I wish you many, many, many more years of wonder-filled life to you. and more 500 calorie cookies, too. Why not? Right? Have wine and pasta in Italy and lots of bread.
    Again, happy late birthday, my friend.
    Love, Kathy


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