Friday, November 20, 2009

What A Week

It's late...or rather, it's early. 2:04 am to be exact.

And I cannot sleep.

I was sleeping, but was woken up by a cat (or two) playing with a lolly (or sucker, whatever you call them...but we've always called them lolly's) in the kitchen. I got out of bed to find the lolly that they were attacking and then noticed that I hadn't started the dishwasher. So I finished cleaning the kitchen and started it.

And then I got a drink of water. And texted my college son, whose hours of awakeness are much different than mine currently...which was a benefit to me tonight since I was actually up. And went to the bathroom.

I then climbed back into my warm and cozy bed, only to be kept awake by that guy that I like so much. Or rather, his snoring.

In his defense, he NEVER snores. But he's fighting off sickness and running on empty, hence the sleeping like a log and snoring like a banshee. Which I am sure he'll love me posting about, but's late and my filter has been turned off.


So now I am up.

And writing.

And aren't you glad I just shared ALL THAT with you?


It has been a glorious week.


After last weekends boutique, I put a sale up on Bella Michele Jewelry of leftover samples. It was only supposed to be for the current stock on hand, though in a slight programming error on the part of the programmer (ummm...that would be me), my in stock items on the sale page never went down...and lots sold.

But I figure it is meant to be and after I hammer out a new order for six that came in tonight, I will be all caught up. I have been too busy to attempt to fix the glitch...and having too much fun to care. Besides, everyone loves a good sale.


I am also really busy at my new little part time job right now...every single guard needs to go thru a site evaluation, which basically means I have to visit everyone and fill out paperwork and, well, evaluate them. It's really no biggie because they are all pretty good...but 38 people who are spread out all over the place and only work a 45 minute or so shift is taking me awhile to do. But I really, really enjoy it...lots.

I also spent 3 days at Brian's school volunteering in some way, shape or form this week and I sure am going to miss that next year when he moves across the field to the middle school. I'm enjoying every moment of this year...except the 'make a toga in one night' thing. The kind of thing that involves cutting up a well loved white table cloth (complete with wine appropriate for the third child) and making a crown out of tin foil and pieces of shrubbery to make him look Egyptian. Some day his teacher will have a school-age child and will be assigned such tasks for her own child 'which can easily be completed in one night with simple, everyday household items.' And that gives me pleasure.


But the biggest news is that one of my best friends came to town.


(and yes, I have lots of pictures...but not on my laptop at the kitchen counter at 2 am.)

Tammy and Chris were our upstairs neighbors forever ago in Family Housing in Boulder. Our families (along with a few others) just sort of co-habited in that time of poorness and school and babies and everything that went along with that.

And it rocked.


They're here for the long weekend, sleeping in my house. And I couldn't be happier. Well, maybe if I was sleeping, too...but oh well.

And is it possible to talk and talk and talk and never run out of things to talk about?


And I am pretty sure that that is why God created girlfriends.


Today was spent with their oldest, Kenzie, looking at the college. I am not sure it is possible that the girl I remember waiting to be born is approaching college boundness...and is actually old enough to be college bound. But apparently she is.


But here's a nibble. McKenzie is the oldest of 3 daughters. I have 3 sons.

You know where I am going with this.

Last night I made Italian Wedding Soup for supper, which is my way of planting a seed. Subtle matchmaking, I call it.


And with that...tiredness seems to have found me. It's 2:17am. Goodnight!


  1. Egyptians wore togas?

    To get your sons married off to their daughters, forbid them to do so!

  2. Love the project story. Liz had a teacher that gave a lot of homework and projects. Kate had her a few years later, just after she had her third kid and her oldest kid started kindergarten ... and had nightly homework to do. After that we hardly saw any projects and the homework load was considerably lighter. Think there was any connection? So much of my own teaching is affected by my kids' experiences and my parenting experiences...

    Of course, I am the teacher-parent who let her daughter celebrate her 18th birthday by going to the midnight premiere of New Moon and then go to school on 3 hours of sleep tests (she claims), but in her dazed state she forgot to turn in an AP Music Theory assignment (big oops). Oh, well.


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