Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm just sitting here, typing, at my kitchen counter. It's one of my favorite areas of my little house...mainly because it is right in the enter of all the action.

Though there isn't much action going on right now.

There was no school today, so I spent the morning at the skate park in the next town over, watching my youngest and his friends razor and bike and skateboard.

I even brought my laptop and enjoyed the free WiFi from some bagel place nearby, which I justified in my mind by telling myself, 'hey! I've eaten bagels before!" I know it is free, but I still felt guilty because I am not a customer. (But not guilty enough to sign off...sigh.)

I was also feeling guilty for the 2 (not 1) Krispy Kreme's that I ate this morning. I justified that one because there were only 2 left and the box is SO big and takes up SO much space, and I wanted to throw it out.

Whatever works, I tell ya.


So I found myself at the skatepark alone. in grown-up alone, because I am THE mom who is willing to drive boys all around so they can play. But I'm not sure you want me to start on THAT one, now do you?

Where was I?

Oh yeah...alone. With internet. I start blog surfing...something I don't do much of. I usually play on facebook and follow a couple of blogs...usually my cousins and a favorite cooking blog that always has great recipes. But this morning I stalked other blogs and realized something.

There are a LOT of bloggers that have LOTS of time on their hands and there are a LOT of perfect mothers out there.

I must've read 20 blogs this morning that were full of beautiful, photoshopped pictures...all cropped and framed and gorgeous. And these people blog every single day.

And then I grazed upon all the blogs where these moms can do it all...cook and clean and homeschool and are raising perfect humans to boot.

So now I am feeling not just guilty, but inadequate.

Anyone got anymore Krispy Kreme's for me?


So, back to my safe, warm little kitchen counter. That guy that I like so much had to work today and I am waiting for him to appear at our little door of our little house, Alex is playing basketball (minus a cell phone, which broke this morning and a new one is being fed ex'd here on Friday) with friends and Brian's rather large group of friends all just headed home. I'm drinking a diet pepsi (I don't really like diet pepsi...I do like diet coke and I really like fresca..just in case you were wondering) and am trying to decide between making pork chops pizzaiola or reheating the leftover pasta from last night...the glorious one with sausage and eggplant in it.

(big breath...those were some lonnnngggg sentences!)

Though while typing that, I decided on the pork chops. Tomorrow is a really busy day, so I'll save the leftovers for then.

So, I had better get cooking. ABBA is singing in the background...though I had a rather strong desire to play George Winston's December. Not yet. Not yet. Not yet.



  1. I'm a "perfect" mom. What "type" of perfect mom - that I'm really not sure of!

  2. Don't worry...some of us are less than perfect moms AND don't even make an attempt to blog. All my writing efforts go into my weekly classroom newsletter (2+ pages, single spaced, 11 point type), and if it's a really good week I'll manage to get it posted on the school website too.


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