Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What Was and What Is

Our weekend was spent at basketball games, though just to mix it up a bit, we were there for the smallest shrub.

Who was being coached by his next in line bigger brother. Who had a ball, by the way, and thought it was the funnest gig ever.

The boys had fun, too. Lost one and won one...and only one shot in the wrong basket. And yes, that one wrong shot was by my son, who was just following in his big brothers footsteps. Matthew once scored a beautiful goal (and I mean, it was gorgeous, for a 5th grader) in soccer...for the other team. Alex, in this very same tournament a bunch of years ago, made a gorgeous lay up (probably his first ever, in 5th grade) for the other team. And Brian was not about to be outdone...and thankfully we won and didn't lose by 2 points.

But here's where I gush just a bit. His brother, the coach could have yelled or ridiculed or made fun of him...but didn't. He handled it with grace and humor and exactly the way a mama (who was watching from afar) would have wanted one of her sons to handle it. And I am proud. So, so proud.

That guy that I like so much arrived home with some orange tulips. Just because.

I have hammered and hammered and hammered (just in case you were to think that I only hammered once or twice) until my arm is sore...and now I am ready for this weekends boutique.
My work week has started out slow...which is kinda nice. I did make a huge pot of Italian Beef yesterday since our Monday night dinners tend to be on the run. Tonight will be something light...and something with eggplant FOR SURE, simply because I have a hankering for eggplant and I am the Queen.

So there.



  1. You may be the Queen, but I am still The Matriarch!!!

  2. Oh, boy, here we go again.....

    Matt wants to know when the queen will pick the next ripe fig and then blog about it. He finds you totally insane. I think we need a family reunion so that the two of you could spend some time together!

  3. Alex didn't yell at Brian because he KNEW either he or you would bring up HIS past sins if he did!

    See, he is gaining wisdom for experience.


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