Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday I watched Brian play flag football.  He's in the blue cute.


Our planned neighborhood power outage began 1 1/2 hours earlier than they told us (grrr....I had wet clothes in the dryer and the dishwasher was running, but oh well) so Brian and I left and went to the movies.  The dollar theater was showing Bedtime Stories...which was worth exactly what we paid for it.


Home to a dark, kinda creepy neighborhood.  Aex and the neighborhood boys hung out all night, wandering from house to house in search of food.  Brian and I played Sorry and read by was kind of nice to have a technology free evening.  

Saturday was a hang out day at home (glorious!) and on Sunday...well...on Sunday we went to a strip mall.

My husband loves strip malls.

I always think he is crazy, but he swears the best food places are in strip malls...and he is almost always right.

Our town doesn't have many strip malls, sadly, but the area our church is in has tons, so over time we are conquering them one by one.

So, he talked us all into yet another strip mall for lunch after church.  We have been driving by this one over the years...and it is conveniently located next to a 24 hour bar.   Just in case you are thirsty on a Sunday morning.  


Once inside, M did what he always does and made friends with everyone in the place.  Not quite as charming as Claros, but they had some really fun 'straight from Italia' stuff.  I stocked up on arborio rice, which they had for a some anchovy paste, cuz you never know when I am going to throw anchovy paste in something I am cooking.

Scary, huh?
Their food was OH.MY.YUM.  Even my boys were quiet while eating...and are already asking to go back again.

Which we will.  Today if we could.
Home.  Full.  Nap.

For the grown-ups, anyway.

Then off to Alex's basketball awards banquet.
Hard to believe that the season is over...I remember getting the 3 page schedule this summer and thing there was no way we were going to be able to juggle this all..and it flew on by.  Next season will be fun and I am NOT doing snack bar.

Alex getting his award:

Today is a busy one...the website people are waiting for my final OK to launch, but I just haven't had time to go over everything with a fine tooth comb.  So today I am going to comb.  Promise.



  1. How come your videos always say they are private?

  2. I *think* I fixed it...let me know. =0)

  3. Would you believe that Matt asks every week where you went for lunch after church? Then he shakes his head and says some of the food looks really gross!


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