Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This and That

The other day, a friend dropped off a huge bunch of asparagus that she had grown all by herself.

Oh my.
(and bring more, please.)


Driving around my neighborhood...there is lots of this going on:
And lots of this:
...and it is driving me crazy.  There is not a street in sight that isn't affected and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.  It's not just the's the fact that our power and cable keep flickering on and off, and twice they've hit the gas line.  Different crew.  Same place.

Ah well.

Yesterday, I had a lunch invite that I couldn't refuse.  My neighbor Sheila, Sheila's mom, Patti - along with her new knee, and their friend Loni.  

Who is in her 90's and had wonderful, amazing stories to tell.  

What a blessing this group of women are...strong, devout Christian women who have overcome so much in their lives and look at those hurdles as times to lean more on God rather than curl up and wallow.

I left standing a tad bit taller.

My really, really adorable new shoes that are KILLING my feet.  I refuse to let the pain win and am wearing a bazillion band-aids.

Which sadly, aren't really helping.

Last night was a garden club meeting.


Yes, I am in a garden club.


OK, so I learned alot about tomatoes (all veggies, actually) and all the ailments they have and how I can fix them.  And, I learned about the little thingy attacking my lemon and lime trees is completely treatable and my fruit will still be edible.

I also learned that there are some really, really intense people in the garden club.


Today is a 'get my house in order' day after a few days of neglect.  There is a pile of laundry that I am not sure will ever go away, plus a few bathrooms to scrub and floors to mop.  I keep hoping Snow White will show up, but so far she is a no show.

Michael and Brian are heading up to Long Beach for church and a class tonight...Alex has PT, so he and I will be home.  Just the two of us and a tuna casserole.


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  1. But those are REAL shoes - and not flip flops? Are you feeling ok?


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