Thursday, March 5, 2009


Yesterday was non-stop and ended with a fun class at church with Brian,  the Lent service itself...followed by a shamrock shake for the drive home.


At 11pm I was bored, but stuck in a really awful movie that I wanted to I painted my window red.

While it hung on the wall.

Cuz I do love red.

And I didn't feel like taking it down.


(now if only I had some of those really cool words ((Joanna, hint, hint...have any left???))) to put on the glass...)

Today was an SOS day...a last minute call to lead MOPs.  Unfortunately for me, the leader was home sick and no one in the church office had a packet...fortunately for me, I had just read Malachi before bed last night and it was still in my brain and on my heart.  The verse I used was 3:6 and says, 'I the Lord do not change' and talked about how everything changes when you have a baby...blah, blah, blah.


I then met a girlfriend for chips and salsa at our favorite little mexican place, where our discussions ranged from The Bachelor to electric toothbrushes to hotel towels.

Deep conversation, I tell ya.


Supper tonight was a definite crowd pleaser...sloppy joe's and tater tots.


OH...canned peaches on the side.

Just trying to keep my boys palates well rounded while their dad is out of town.

For me?

A little blogging and a glass of wine.


I keep getting texts from that guy that I like so much...lots of snowboarding and snowmobiling and snowshoeing going on.

OH...and I heard from Matthew the other night.

It said:

I hate going to Italian restaurants because they never taste as good as your cooking.

I responded simply:

you are my favorite son.



  1. Don't let him fool you, he wants something!

  2. Yep, the next message will be "Can I have some money, please? Love, your favorite son"


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