Friday, October 21, 2016

The Way Life Is Right Now

I'm sitting at my kitchen counter in the middle of a conference call with a bunch of yelling people while I sip my super hot coffee with yummy amaretto creamer in it.  I'm not yelling...I'm just listening and answering emails and cringing now and then at the way this whole meeting is playing out.

It's Friday and I'm waiting for others to get that memo.

So for your weekend enjoyment, here's a picture of my family.  We're fancy.


That guy that I like so much has been working more than he's been home.  Occasionally he needs a reminder to come home, eat a roast chicken dinner, turn the brain off, love on his puppy.

I think that's the biggest job I have of remind my people what  (and where) 'home' is.  

And to pick up their wet towels off the bathroom floor.

I love love love meatloaf and the perfect Ina Garten has the best recipe.  It makes an insane amount which is perfect for the crowd I usually feed but occasionally I make it and divide it in half and then freeze it.  Makes for an easy supper on a night where these people I live with still want to eat and I don't feel like cooking.  I use ground beef because ground turkey freaks me out and it's always super good.

And two of my five aren't meatloaf lovers....or even likers for that matter, but this one they tolerate so that says something.

This summer that guy that I like so much and I road tripped through wine country and now boxes keep arriving at our doorstep.  Good boxes.  Good boxes that are filled with wine.  Good boxes that are filled with wine and a credit charge that keeps getting billed for the boxes that are being delivered.


I'm thinking that we shouldn't ever go wine tasting again.  But the deliveries are kinda fun.


I was gifted the most perfect, most beautiful sign this week and I'm so excited to hang it in my hallway.  The saying is perfect and it's soooo beautiful.


There was a 2 1/4 hour visit to Disney for one last ride on Tower of Terror before it makes way for a new ride.  The whole park smelled of cinnamon and caramel and popcorn and it wasn't very crowded and it was the perfect little getaway.

I'm ready to go back for an evening but first I've got to stay awake past 8:00pm.


We did have lunch at our favorite little spot and it just made me want to run away to Italy and not come back.

Dreaming is SO affordable!


And my ugly conference call got even uglier and sigh.  This work week needs to come to an end and the weekend needs to start.  It's 5:00pm somewhere....right?


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