Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hey There

The days turn into weeks and life just keeps moving along.  Our little house on our little street is so quiet now and I'm trying to find my footing in this new stage of normal...the new normal where I'm cooking for just a few people and where the house is SO VERY VERY QUIET all day long.

But then again it's so fun...there are early morning breakfasts out and early evening drives in the convertible.  

But the quiet?  The quiet, after all these years, is a bit of a struggle for me.  It's glorious...I mean,  I've dreamed of quiet for 26 years and now it's here and I don't know quite what to do with it.  

The other night I wandered over to my neighbors with containers of leftovers that I knew wouldn't be eaten....she opened the wine and we just commiserated about life.  The quiet.  The worry.  Work issues.  Family stuff.  The good, the bad, the ugly.

I love that I have friends in my life who are so present and so real.  And whose flowers are a little crispy on the table.


The middle of our boys was out of town and I snagged his truck to run a few errands.  I had only driven a manual transmission until 12 years ago and I must say, that was a glorious day when we bought our first automatic SUV.  But to zip around town shifting gears is so fun!  It makes me feel younger than I am and kind of inept...I mean who likes to be stopped on a hill in a stick shift car???

After 4, slightly long, years...I think I've picked a paint color and it just might be the exact same color our house currently is.  But I've spackled the walls, hosted a ton of parties and realized that we will forever be one (or two) step away from being all put together and that's perfectly OK.  

I could drive myself insane trying, but it's just too much.  So I quit.  Come over...there'll be plenty of food and great music and a cocktail or two, but as for the house?  Well...we're a hot mess and we kinda like that.


Mornings though?

The sunlight in this little house on this little street is so incredibly glorious.  


Last weekend was the 40th anniversary of the university where that guy that I like so much teaches and where boy #1 graduated and boy # 3 currently attends.  There were really beautiful moments and a few awkward ones peppered in...it's just how things are in the real world.   Friendships have changed over time and life has changed over time and that's all cool and groovy but still...sometimes it's just awkward.

But the music was fabulous.


We attended a fancy dinner after and had such a fun table...from people who knew that guy that I like so much's Grandmother to friends who come to the garden often.

And after, we popped into the youngest shrubs dorm room and it's just so fun to see him in his element.  He's having such a great time, is fully immersed in the pre-med program and has been blessed with the most perfect roommates.  

But things, as we all well know, can change quickly...but for this instant all is well.  And I'm going to soak in this instant.  

Ahhh...friends.  Friends are a very good thing.

Ahhh...the heat in October in SoCal is not.  

At all.

After months of time off I have taken to the trails again...long quiet hikes where the going down part is so glorious and the coming up part is pure hell.  But I talk a lot to God and He puts up with my ranting and raving about how hard it is to be 'back on the wagon'.

I pray a lot when I hike.  I cry alot.  I swear...occasionaly.  I sweat a lot.

But I always finish feeling so happy that I took the time to take care of me.  That I settle into a much better version of me when I take care of me.

Our boys have been flitting in and out of our little house on our little street and it's just so much fun.  I'm going to knock on wood right now but it seems that at this small moment, all is well in the lives of the Busch boys.  That hasn't always (if ever) been the case but for right now, until the morning comes, I'm going to settle into the fact that all is well.

Last week I was able to go worship with Beth Moore and I just love hearing her speak...in fact, I'm kinda a groupie now.  She just speaks such great words...words that speak directly to who I am and what I believe.  But then, towards the middle, I had my feelings hurt...or maybe it was just me being overly sensitive...but a friend said something that had me thinking 'wow...she doesn't know me at all'. 

But it was what it was and the overall message was so good and a nice little nudge back into a daily devotional for me.  And nudges like that are good, and necessary, for me to hear.


Our beloved Colorado Buffalo's are having such a good season and while that guy that I like so much has never been a fair weather fan, the last few years have been a bit painful to watch.  But this year?  Well, life has gotten to the point where things stop when both the Buff's play and the Bronco's play and I'm finding myself slipping out to do a little shopping.

Having a whole slew of boys has its benefits.


And last of all, this past weekend was a big concert on campus featuring our dear friend, Bobby.  He is so talented and has the best stories to tell...I mean, he commissioned a piece for the Pope!  Like, the real Pope!  Matteo was hired to play in the orchestra and after it was all said and done we found ourselves at Houston's for a late night celebratory dinner out.  

I've talked often about how blessed we are in the friend department and it's just so true.

And then the week began again like it always does.  My work life is nothing short of a nightmare though through all the ugliness, God is smiling.  One of my biggest headaches is leaving and it's just good.  Really, really good.  

And tonight is just a Tuesday and while we are settling in to our new normal it's beginning to feel right.  I'm writing, he's working a bit, the dog is ready to be walked and I am thinking back to when we were first married and I used to tell him that I wanted a life of chaos.  But I now know that I love chaos...especially when followed by quiet.  And I love quiet when followed by chaos.  And our little life seems to always be in one of those two stages...and that is good.


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