Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Middle Of The Week

I'm feeling the middle of the week exhaustion...the kind of exhaustion where you wonder if you're coming or going.  

I think the weekend is a few days, anyway.


Last night that guy that I like so much called me towards the end of his work day...I had just figured out that he won't have a single day off for over two months (like...who does that??) and I was missing him.  Anyway, he called and within a few minutes pulled up out front of our little house on our little street and off we drove into the sunset.

We ended up at one of our favorite restaurants and soon after I had my new favorite cocktail in my hand (a sidecar...have you had one?) and I started to get a little weepy.  I'm just tired.  I have a toothache.  He's leaving town for a week.  College is looming and change is coming.  There's a new sheriff in town (meaning I have a new boss) and that involves more change.  

And I'm just feeling worn down.

But then I sipped a cocktail, smiled at that guy that I like so much, chatted with friends who were leaving as we were coming and all started to feel ok.

And these pictures?  Valentine's Day.  Man, I like that guy that I married.  


Vietnamese spring rolls.  My love language.

Baby boy, and the two inch screw holding his wrist together, got clearance (reluctant clearance) to take to the snow.  

He laughed.  He skiied.  I chewed my nails and prayed.

All was well.  


I took a quick run into Disneyland yesterday...lunched on bacon wrapped grilled asparagus and rode Indiana Jones, Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain.

From the time I parked to the time I was back in my car was 1 hour and 8 minutes which is just crazy...but made doable by a friend who hooked me up with a ton of fast passes.


Brian is taking ceramics and his pipe smoking daddy-o asked him for an ashtray.

Brian delivered not only an ashtray but a little bit of sarcasm as well.

(I Smell Cancer)


And you know how I mentioned going out last night?

 I forgot to mention that they (Houston's, in Irvine) have the BEST hot fudge sundae on the planet.


So now I'm almost over the hump and ready to scootch on in to the weekend.  Supper tonight will be chicken piccata and some sort of roasted green vegetable...the laundry is actually caught up and the house is clean so it'll be a good night to catch up on Downton Abbey.  

I wish it didn't have to's such a great show!

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