Friday, November 13, 2015

We Are Healing

I've been thinking a lot about life stuff - about the way friendships evolve and change and fade away while others become bigger and brighter, about how much I miss my garden, about the fact that the pantry still needs to be done, about vacations and pedicures and work and telemarketers and work.

My brain is on overdrive with the weird and unusual.

But the big thing I've been thinking about since a friend and I had a coffee date is this....on my dying day, what will I regret not doing?

Will I regret not having a clean kitchen?  Will I regret the fact that my floors were not mopped?  Will I regret not traveling more or not wearing nicer clothes or ever paying off my mortgage?

It was an interesting conversation and our responses were so very, very different.

I guess my main regret would be that my people wouldn't know how much I love Jesus.  Plain and simple.  And that I'll go easier if I know they do too.


We've been in a flurry of hurry up and wait over here in our little house on our little street...tis the season for that guy that I like so much to be super busy every day and every weekend.  Work for me has been super busy as well...I'm choosing to look at it as job security rather than as a negative.  I've been stalking my oldest, who is vacationing in tropical paradise, trying to keep up with my middle, who has started an amazing new grown up job and then there's the babe of the bunch who was broken and is now healing.

The broken part was no fun but the healing part is all good...or will be once we can keep his pain level managed.  Poor thing.

In the quiet of the mornings I've been writing out scripture...focusing on verses of thankfulness.  It's bringing me a sense of peace - having a broken elbow myself, worrying about Brian's hand...well, I need to be reminded of the promises that are there for us and that this isn't all about me. 

The days then begin and seem to blur all together.  The weather has changed and I'm dreaming of cooking long, slow meals and eating in the chill of the garden by candlelight but alas, I am still one armed and cannot chop, let alone lift a pot into the oven.  

And Brian is no help at all either.


Can we all just say 'OUCH'?????

Tiny little screw turned into a big ginormous screw.  He'll live with that thing in there forever...or at least that's the plan.


We broke down and bought new chairs...our Christmas present to ourselves, purchased before the youngest shrub needed a very expensive surgery...and because they were custom fabric they were uncancelable (is that a word?) and therefore unreturnable.

Thank you, Lord, for credit cards.  

They are so nice and comfy and don't require bricks to hold them up.  Maybe we do have class.  And maybe I should take a picture to share....cuz they are very, very pretty.


And now, in the blink of an eye, it's Friday again.  We've got a few Drs appointments to go to, I need to go buy some essentials at Costco, Brian 'thinks' he wants to go see the big football game tonight with me in tow, and then it's the weekend.  

Our plans are simple.  Lots of laying low and hanging out at home.  Let the healing begin.


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