Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Getaway and Back Again

That guy that I like so much had to work this weekend at a church educators conference and before I knew it, I was packed in his carry on bag.

The thought of a night at a swanky hotel was too great to pass up....especially since I've been missing him so very, very much.  That whole church worker/Christmas thing...well, in real life it looks like this for him:

tons of extra meetings
tons of extra rehearsals
tons of people needing him
Jesus' birth
a long, long nap

It's all a blessing and nothing new in our little world but when the chance to sneak away for 22.25 hours came up it was a beautiful gift.


I have been feeling pushed lately...and I'm not even sure how to put it into words.  Pushed to do some new things and I'm trying to just sit back and listen to the whisper.  I tend to quiet out those whispers, push them aside, and continue to bulldoze through my life as if I'm the one running the show.

But the whispers are becoming a little more insistent...more like whispers followed by taps on the shoulder.  God is speaking and it's a bit scary, a bit uncomfortable, a bit exciting.

But here it is...I'm writing a book.  A book along the lines of all this.  I've got a working title and an outline and, gulp, someone who wants to read it.  Will it ever get to that point?  I have no clue, but for now...just to say it out loud, is a big deal.  For now I am writing because of the whisper.


So, back to Palm Springs and that incredible hotel.  Oh my.  What is it about a night away in a fancy hotel, sleeping on fancy sheets that most likely were not bought at Target, and knowing that someone else will be washing every one of the 18 towels you used to get ready that morning that makes me want to cry?

Ah.  Bliss.

That guy that I like so much had to do the music for the opening worship service and once that was done, it was done.  We took a little walk and splurged on a fancy dinner out and then made our way back for cocktails at the hotel.  We saw so many old, old friends...the Lutheran church worker circle is big, yet tight, and it's fun to see how all our friends circles have overlapped too.

It felt like Homecoming.


And then we ditched.  Hopped into that guy that I like so much's cute car and took the long way home because I had lots of things to talk to him about.  

Important stuff, like the palm tree in the garden that needs to be cut down ($$), the drywall in the pantry that needs to be replaced ($$$), the car that needs to be fixed ($$) and the boy of ours who, like his brothers before him, has a wicked case of senioritis.

This too shall pass.

It felt good to get away.

And it felt good to come home.

I've got some short ribs in the fridge that I'll brown later and cook long and slow in a bottle of red wine and serve with some smashed potatoes and roasted broccoli.  There have been lots of extra people around our table lately and so I just always cook for a crowd...it's such a blessing to have a full table.

It's one of my favorite meals and I'm hungry already.

There is a long list of things to do today and I'll just plug along slowly but surely.  The main thing is to buy a big 'ole turkey and to, hopefully, get my toes all fancied up.  A hike would be nice, too...and the laundry is patiently waiting for some attention.

One thing at a time.  


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