Thursday, October 22, 2015


Saturday morning breakfasts are,  more often than not, made by that guy that I like so much.  They're always different because he uses whatever is in the fridge and they are always so good...though doesn't everything taste better when made by someone else?

Coffee in a hula girl mug doesn't hurt either.

Last weekend was homecoming...our school doesn't do a formal homecoming dance but instead does something called 'jersey jam' where they all wear - you guessed it!- jerseys.  

Can't believe our baby is a senior.  And that he is tall.

The weather here in SoCal has FINALLY woken up and realized that it is Fall.  The days are warm, the nights are cool and we are all so very, very happy.  

And hello...nothing beats pumpkin bread.

My favorite trail is closed and so I've had to move to the one next to it.  All around us they are preparing for El Nino - big, big rains are predicted for our drought stricken state this winter which is a good and bad thing...we desperately need the water but not the flooding that is expected to come with it.

My trail is next to a retention basin and so they are preparing...I hope that means snake removal, too.


We went to Costco for toilet paper and came away with the most complicated tv/sound system ever.  He's thrilled and I just want to be able to turn on a TV and watch a show without needing a 12 inch thick manual...or a two hour long class because we all know how much patience I have when it comes to following directions.


FYI - we still have boxes holding up our family room chair...we're always one step away from being all put together.


Last weekend we had the most lovely garden party and I haven't cleaned up from it yet because it's such a happy memory.  Our space is little but it is mighty and it makes me all teary eyed when I think about it.  This was an epic garden party season...though they all are.



Have you tried them?

I blame my girlfriend and I'm not sure I'll ever forgive her.  

And yeah, I had four bags of them in my cart because hello...they're seasonal and that means when I'm crying for them in February, they'll be tucked safely in my freezer.


And this.  My elbow.  I've had an old, old injury that I hurt again in the most weird way (running through an airport, carrying my super heavy laptop bag over the crook of my arm) and I'm spending a lot of time at my chiropractors office the last few weeks.  I'm doing everything I can to avoid surgery even though that is probably the easy way to go.  


Quadruple bummer.

Football season is winding down and I'm going to miss the friday night lights and hearing my boys name called over the loud speakers.  I won't miss the worry - or the sweaty, smelly gear.


Last night we went to a new to us place...Mesa in Costa Mesa.  There was jazz playing and the food was AH-MAZING and it had kinda this swanky vibe and a super great happy hour.

Not quite sure I'm cool enough though...but I'll try and fake it because those fried olives were seriously the bomb.


Lots of work to be done today which screams for lots of coffee.  A slow, one armed hike for the afternoon followed by a big pot of chicken cacciatore (lifted by one of my strong males...sigh), eaten in the garden.  

Happy Thursday, my friends.


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