Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Holy Hotness Batman

Southern California has not gotten the memo that it's officially been Autumn for about 3 weeks now.  Our daily temps have been as close to 100 degrees that you can get and pretty much all we can do around these parts?



a. all miserable
b. thankful for AC
c. crying at our bill each month
d. willing to give up food in order to pay the bill

I went out and bought a pumpkin candle with the hopes that at least the inside of our little house  
will smell like it's no longer summer.

It's working...kind of.


I'm being a rebel though...or maybe just hopeful, and last night I made a huge pot of vegetable wonton soup that ended up feeding the masses.  There seems to be a steady stream of boys in and out of this little house of ours and it's just been really fun.  

It's not ever quiet but that's more than ok.  


I spent all morning on hold with the social security office...I ended up locking myself out of their website when trying to create an online account.  They ask three or four security questions and it turns out I don't know my own life as well as I thought.

I guess I should pay better attention but seriously, how am I supposed to remember things that happened in 1989?

All's well now but lesson learned.  I'll pay attention from now and on.


I guess this is my week for waiting around...yesterday it was dealing with a tire issue on my work car that took me from the tire place to the dealer and then back to the tire place.  The wheel lock snapped off when they were trying to remove it and it took a whole bunch of people 4 hours to resolve an issue that was supposed to take 30 minutes.

No biggie.  There was a Starbucks nearby with the ever present wifi and AC and all repairs were paid for on a company credit card which makes them the best kind of repairs ever...no matter how long they take.


I'm off to meet a new baby this afternoon and I am so excited to hold a newborn.  There's something about the fact that they don't move and don't talk and don't forget to turn in their homework or to walk the dog.

Sounds kinda nice to me.


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