Thursday, September 17, 2015

Changing Weather

That guy that I like so much was out of town and so these boys of mine offered to take me to lunch...with my credit card, of course.  They are thoughtful...but poor.

And, well...I like them.

So they chose The Hat for ginormous pastrami sandwiches and the worlds biggest order of chili cheese fries.  It looks nasty but was SO FREAKING good...until it wasn't.  And then it really was nasty.  But still, I'd order them again if I was with my menfolk.

I'm getting tired of uniforms and sporting gear.  It's everywhere, always needs to be washed, has to be line dried, smells even if you've washed it a bazillion times and I'm sure there is more to complain about but I'm too tired to go on.

I'm dreaming of a warm, tropical beach and a cocktail with a little umbrella in it.


Brian had his senior yearbook pictures and we totally know the drill by now...they only shoot from the chest up.

All my boys like color.  Weirdos.

The Broncos are our home football team and I love, love, love that even though they are spread out in different states, when the game is on I know where they'll all be.

Glued to the TV.

Having them all not here is definitely quieter but man, I sure do miss my oldest boy. 

That guy that I like so much and I took an afternoon and headed to the happiest place on earth for lunch and a stroll.  It was so incredibly hot but it felt good to just be out and about for a bit.  We've been crazy and work and traveling and it was so nice to have a real life conversation that didn't involve text messaging.

The clouds were so pretty...strange weather happening around these parts.

I bought a new chair and everybody but me hated it.  The boys thought it looked like a grandma chair and that guy that I like so much has designer tastes and this doesn't fit into that and basically, they were relentless and mean and hurt my feelings and the chair is being returned.


But isn't cool looking? And it was super comfy.

Those males totally rained on my parade.  It's ok.  I'm going to burn their dinner.

I needed a baby picture of my baby and look at his sweetness.  This was taken in Italy when he was 19 months old and I just want to eat him up.  He's still sweet and still slightly red and still has magnificent blue eyes.


Time is flying.  Fast.

Work is slowly settling down and I finally had some time to sit and eat lunch of the first time in awhile.  It's still warm here but then in the late afternoon a slightly cool breeze blows through and can you feel it?  The change of seasons?  It's coming and I'm so happy.

Time to buy a pumpkin, I think.


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