Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Middle Of The week

The grapes are growing and thanks to a friend who is a professional grape grower (as in, a wine maker), they are growing better and prettier than before.  

I can't wait to eat them.


Mother's Day 2015 involved meat.  Lots of meat.

Mother's Day 2015 proved to be a very happy day for Buddy the Dog, too.  We gave him a Fred Flinstone sized bone and put him outside...he sat and drooled at the door until we felt sorry for him and let him in.

Oh, how I love this dog.


5/7th of us were together.  


We scored a last minute Beachcomber reservation for breakfast...something that never happens.  It was cloudy and chilly and the waves were high and the coffee was hot and the beignet were incredible.

I needed that morning.

We walked a few miles along the beach and were kinda quiet the whole time.  I'm feeling a bit unsettled is super busy, the house is super full,  time is moving super fast.

I needed a quiet morning with that guy that I like so much...a morning to just be quiet.  I like him.  A lot.

There is something about the ocean...and toes in the sand, that grounds me.  I feel the same way about being in the mountains so I'm thinking for me it has something to do with just being outside in the fresh air.  

I like that it makes me feel small.  

I like that it makes my God feel big.

We did a big Costco run yesterday and yes, we did get some food too.  A little anyway.  

Houston, we have a hot sauce problem over here in our little house on our little street.  Everyone has a fave (and one of mine puts hot sauce on every. single. thing he eats which drives me nuts.  cough, couch, brian, cough, cough) but I personally think anything chipotle is good.

I've been making my summer's pretty much the same as every other summer list.  Clean out closets, read a bunch of books, catch up on movies, sit for hours in my garden, grow lots of veggies, complete a new to me bible study.

I love lists.  Sometimes I even write 'make a list' on my list so I can cross it off.


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