Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Here's A Taste

Twice this week I've gone to Cafe Rio.  TWICE.  And, I hate to say it, there might be a third time because third times a charm, right?  My family does not share my love (addiction?) for this place and I just don't get it...but that's ok.  I'm fine goin' it alone for lunch.


Thanks to a very generous and hidden away Christmas gift, we renewed our Disney passes for the upcoming year.  We use them a lot and it's so fun to just go and hang out for a few hours.  Last week we went to Disneyland and rode a few rides before heading to The Grand Californian for a cocktail and a much needed cheese plate.

Being a grown up can suck sometimes and then at other times it totally rocks.  Wouldn't want it to be easy all the time, right?

Well...yes, I would.  But that's ok.

Throwback to my birthday.  This describes us in a nutshell.


That guy that I like so much had a birthday, too, and we had a little celebration for him.  There was some wine and some cake and some food and some friends and a whole lotta laughing.  This is the (gulp!) 31st birthday of his we've celebrated together...isn't that crazy?

Dr Busch...I like you.  Keep chugging along cuz I'm not ready to part with you yet.

I love text messaging.  And yeah, we'll grow up sometime.  Maybe.


So for that guy that I like so much's birthday, we went to one of those luxury movie theaters where they wait on you and you get a recliner and oh me oh my, we almost had to sell the youngest child (that's why we brought him along, just in case) to pay for it but it was so much fun.

That bucket of popcorn (to go with the martini) was spicy chili and caramel and I ate the whole gosh darn thing myself.

I might never go to a regular movie again...especially since I have no more young 'uns to sell off.


So on Sunday night, we went to this crazy thing called Beer and Hymns.  

 We met our friends (and about 200 other 'friends') at a local dive bar and drank beer and belted out hymns all night long.  

I learned a few things:
1. I am a GREAT singer, especially after a beer.
2. Especially when backed by a bluegrass/folksy band
3. There is NOTHING like singing All hail The Power Of Jesus Name, in a bar.  
4. I cry easily.

It was crazy fun and I want to somehow bring live music to the garden.  

For reals.

(and that's our waiter, Tyler...the photobomber)

The babe, in Busch boy tradition, got a flat top.


That's all I got for now.  It's the last month of school and the push is on to finish it all up.  I'm dreaming of summer time...sleeping in and sunshine and garden parties and warm weather.

It's coming...and I'm ready.


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