Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What I Did Yesterday

I stared at this all. day. long.  

Our attic stairs are broken (and stuck open) and I need a handyman (two,'s a two person job) to come fix them and I can't find one (or two) and seriously, it's annoying.  The cats jump up there, the cold comes down, the boys hit their heads and I can't get to my dryer.

Want to know how I really feel?


So I laced up my shoes and hit my favorite trail and decided to run out my frustrations.  That lasted for about 10 yards before I realized that I pretty much walk faster than I run.


So I walked...and talked to a friend on the phone, and walked some more.  

The weather here this week?  


Before I knew it I was rounding the last corner at mile 5 and I burst into tears.  This body might move slower than it used to, but it moves.  My brain moves a bit slower these days, too...but it works.  

However, the prayers that flow from my lips are 100 times faster than they were when I was younger.


The big garden is being weeded today (thanks to one of my boys...Merry Christmas to me!) and I've got to get some winter veggies planted.  I've just spent the last 4 hours working on paperwork for work; looks like my afternoon will be spent much the same.

Now to find that handyman.  Soon.

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