Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Bit Of A Break

I don't think I've ever been away from this space for this long of a time.  I don't even have a reason other than life has been going by so very, very fast.  So here's a quick update:

It's basketball season for the youngest shrub in our family and somehow I was once again 'volunteered' to run the snack bar.  It's such a big job and takes so much of my time and I can honestly say that I no longer find joy in it.  It's like pulling teeth to find helpers (which I just don't get) and I end up missing some of Brian's games because of it.  But...I am sticking it out, forcing myself to smile and selling candy and nachos and hot dogs to lots of people who probably shouldn't be buying candy and nachos and hot dogs.  

Next year I'm retiring.  For reals.


Work has been overwhelming lately, too.  I've got programs on two separate coasts that I'm managing and it's not easy with the time differences...and if you haven't noticed, crossing guards work early in the morning.  And early in the morning in Florida is REALLY early in the morning in California.


Things should settle down soon and I'll go back to my same old routine...and I love my same old routine.

Oh...and BuddytheDog?  Sweetest thing ever...even if I occasionally catch him where he shouldn't be.

I had lunch with my middle born, extremely tall, boy yesterday and it was one of those lunches where I left feeling like I have done it all right which makes me laugh because last weekend I was feeling like I had majorly failed at this parenting gig.  

I there ever a middle ground?

In between the busyness of our days, we've managed to create some really lovely evenings.  The thought of going out socially during the week is too overwhelming to think about...I've been needing the quiet that comes with the sun going down.  

As quiet as a houseful of boys can be.


Rain, glorious rain poured down from the sky in southern CA.  We needed the rain and everything is so green and feels so fresh...and muddy.  

The annual college student party (of 50!) happened last weekend and we had a full house.  It rained all day long and then stopped an hour before the party...we had just enough time to set up the garden and turn on the heaters.  It was so pretty out there with the twinkly lights and the candles and it was actually a warm(ish) evening.

These parties are so. much. work. to prep for.  So. Much. Work.  But then I look around and I see the fun that they are this little house on our little street somehow stretches to fit all who enter, how there is always plenty of food, how happy it all feels.

It's not me.  Or that guy that I like so much.  It's all God.  All God.

The annual pig clock.  We play a huge white elephant gift exchange game and this clock has been around for a long, long time.  Seems a lot of people have gotten engaged while it's in their possession so there are always a few who fight over getting it.


Eureka!  I have found my new family room rug.  Doesn't fit in my car so I'm going to go back with one of my boys to get it...I hope it's still there.  Merry Christmas to me if it is!

(This came up on my phone and I am so glad I have the reminder!)


Yesterday I drove all over the free world for work...or at least it felt like it.  I ran on in to Porto's, thanks to a huge gift card I received and gobbled down a cubano sandwich.

Ever had one?

Oh my.  If you're a pickle lover then this is the sandwich for you.  And I am, so it is.



And now, today, I am sitting in the courthouse in the heart of Orange County doing my civic duty.  Yep, in the madness of real life I was called in to serve.  I've got a cubby, a laptop, wifi...and soon, Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  I'm behind the times (and the mother of all boys) so I never watched this show and I'm in love love love.

So that's my day.  I'm treating it as a vacation because what else can I do...though now I'm wishing I had that sandwich to keep me company.


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