Monday, November 3, 2014

Let's Catch Up

1. My boy, the one who dislocated a hip and required ambulance transport to the hospital just a few short weeks ago, seems to think he's returning to the playing field this week.  The Dr has cleared him, the physical therapist has cleared him, his coaches and trainers have cleared him.

I have not.  Not sure I ever will.

2. Last week was a doozy.  Huge work decision to make and I rallied the troops to talk things through.  I'm weary...not just physically tired but emotionally.  

Chips and beer helped.  A little.  

3. This boy, the one who brought home a dog, took me to breakfast on Friday and we spent 2 hours talking.  He's making some pretty big life decisions and needed to talk them through and then...then he apologized for the gray hairs he's given me.

I just smiled.  He's growing up, my friends.  He's growing up.


4. I've been needed out in the field in towns far and away lately...our neighborhood is still fast asleep when I leave.  I like the quiet of the mornings but I am a bit jealous of all those people tucked into their warm beds...thankful for coffee, a radio station I love in the mornings and the fact that there isn't much traffic.

5. That guy that I like so much and I met for lunch at Disneyland on Thursday; we were there long enough to split a salad and french fries, ride Pirates and Pinnochio and then head for home.  

And take a selfie with Donald Duck.


5. Halloween day and my girlfriend brought her little kings trick or treating,

Ok all you dog people out there.  I get it now.  I never did before but now I'm one of you and I get it.

Dogs rock.

 6.  Halloween night and that guy that I like so much likes nothing more than to grill a huge piece of meat and torture all those dads out there who are trick or treating.  We opened a good bottle of wine, sat down to a movie and then had a huge group of his students show up at the door trick or treating.

Good thing we had lots of candy.


7. Saturday it rained.  Well, sprinkled is a better word for the few drops of water that fell from the sky and gave the meteorologists something to talk about.  SoCal was officially on 'storm watch' and the ground outside almost got wet enough to make a puddle.  Almost.

8. The cloud show was magnificent though.  No complaints here.  We actually lit our fireplace and turned on our furnace...the nighttime temps have officially dipped into the 60's.  Yes, we're wimps.

9. Pho.  My newest vietnamese soup with rice noodles and lots of other fun stuff in it.  Hard to eat with chop sticks but sooo good.  And cheap.  Cheap is good because we just made a big household purchase.  It never ends, does it?

I'm ahead of the game on laundry but behind on almost everything else.  Oh well, that's what the week is for, right?

For now, we're working our way through the Harry Potter movies and a really delicious carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  Perfection.


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  1. Alex....I choked up and teary just reading it. I love him. And I love you.


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