Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Is Coming

 This is my last week of work for the school year and let me just say, it can't come soon enough.  It's been fun, it's been challenging, it's been...work.  I like what I do, but I am soooo ready for a little break.


So, quickly...here is my last week, in pictures. 

1. Polenta.  Either you love it or hate it.  I love it, especially with lots of butter and parmesan cheese thrown in.  My family though?  They tolerate it once in awhile.  I like it best creamy and hot and eaten while sitting on the couch watching a movie...pure comfort food in my book!

2. We own the worlds largest pepper grinder.


3. SoCal weather.  Sunny and fair.  Our weather forecasters are grossly over paid.

4. This weeks menu board.  Helps keep me sane knowing what I am going to make, especially when I'm working.  Have I mentioned that my summer vacation begins in 4 days?


5. Apparently if you hang pennies from your doorway, the flies will stay away.  Or maybe they stay away because everyone is laughing so loudly about it that they are too afraid to come in?

6. Dinner with our turkish neighbors.  Best. Food. Ever.  I actually had TWO FULL plates, which I never, ever do...but seriously, it is so good.  If you ever want great turkish food, hit me up.  I know people.


7. See?  Even the cook thought it was good.


8.  Father's Day, 2014.  Church with my whole crew...plus that guy that I like so much who was conducting.  It's not often we are all together...I'll take it.  Smiles (and scruffy faces) or not.


9. They are, I must say, the funniest people I know.  Exhausting, but funny.

10. The boys pitched in and bought their dad a wii U, which I don't quite get but has led to a lot of yelling and laughing and jabbing at each other.  I like, most of the time, that they like each other.  Other times, it drives me crazy.


11. It was sweet having everyone together.  Matthew leaves for summer tour on Thursday (his girlfriend Brianne, too...they both are instructors with a drum and bugle corps and will travel all summer long until mid August) and Alex is working the night crew (9:00pm - 5:00am), so I am thankful for the short little times we have all together.

I'm usually deaf after, but thankful.


12. Watched soccer at the local german club the next town over with that guy that I like so much and Alex.  Nothing beats brats and sauerkraut and good, cold german beer.

Wins for Italy, Germany and the USA all helped, too.


The countdown to summer is on and I'm making my summer list.  So far there is one thing on it: sleep in past 5:00am.


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  1. I'm gonna have to try that penny in the doorway trick!

    Guess who the next blog of the week is? ;)


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