Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Disney Date

I became one of those crazy peoples yesterday...the kind of crazy peoples that stop speaking and just do aggressive eye movements.  Our little house on our little street is a disaster and so Matthew and I spent a chunk of the day unpacking and repacking all of his worldly belongings...deciding what stays and what goes and what gets packed up into the attic.

The problem is that I would've tossed it all.  I mean, seriously, who needs that many pieces of music? And a whole case of trumpet mutes?  Really?  Oh, and pulling the dirty cast iron pan from a box? Eww.  Just eww.

But this is his stuff, not mine and so I tried to be supportive by not speaking.  But I couldn't control my eye rolls.


Everything has been repacked, the new beds are being delivered today and by tonight everything WILL be back in order.  It will.  It will. It will.

But last night?


So that guy that I like so much and I ditched town and ended up at California Adventure.  Our passes become blacked out for the summer at the end of this week and we wanted one more visit.  We found ourselves at the Cove Bar, drinking cocktails and eating lobster nachos and shortly, as usually happens when you are out with my husband, we were friends with everyone and having a grand 'ole time.  And got a free cocktail to boot.


We walked right on to Radiator Springs as single riders and the same for Soaring Over California and then spent the rest of the night just walking around.  And to cap it all off, because we were still hungry (or just weren't ready to reenter real life quite yet), we found ourselves at The Napa Rose enjoying a cheese plate.

Gotta love me a good cheese plate.

It was a lovely, lovely evening and I am tempted, more than a little, to do it all over again tonight.


So today, during the quiet part of my workday, I'm running some errands and then guiding my older two through the fine art of what it takes to make and keep your mama happy.  Things like 'how to open the dishwasher and put your dishes in' and 'where to put all your stuff since it isn't going to stay on the kitchen counter' and finally 'how to come in quietly if I come into the house after everyone is sleeping'.

Lessons they all know...but everyone needs a refresher course now and then.  If they can't remember, then how will I remember to not vacuum their room at 5:30am???

Just sayin'.


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