Friday, May 30, 2014

This Week In May

Buddy The Dog (that's his name...said really fast all together; buddythedog) continues to settle in to our home.  He is afraid of everything and still runs and hides the moment someone shows up to our front door.  With us though? He is sweet and lovable and silly and we love him very, very much.

Last weekend we visited a doggie play group at our neighborhood park.  Buddy freaked out, bolted for home (on the leash, which meant we bolted for home, too) and was an utter emabrrasment.

He didn't care...or at least pretended to not care.


Matthew came home for a visit.  He needs to be out of his current apartment on June 1st, so this weekend he will move all his furniture, his books and clothing, a bunch of bikes and even more trumpets home.  

Home is a 1,200 sq ft little house on a little street.  A little house on a little street with NO garage.

We are about to become close...really, really close.  He hasn't lived here since 2008 and is only here on and off this summer (he's teaching and traveling all summer with a drum and bugle corps) and is then planning on moving to a different state, but in the meantime I am looking forward to having this trio all under one little roof for awhile.


Helva...a sesame seed turkish (jewish?) treat that I cannot seem to get enough of.  It comes in different flavors...I've had pistachio and plain and chocolate and tomorrow I will be visiting every middle eastern market in search of more, more, more.

Perfect with morning coffee, afternoon tea, evening champagne.

Trust me.


The cat brought me an early morning present...a live bird which I thought had flown right back out the door.  A few hours later there was quite the commotion...a commotion a involving flying bird, a dog on the kitchen table (found something he is NOT afraid of!) and two cats jumping and hissing and climbing the curtains.  Oh, and one mom with a broom in hand, screaming.  Loudly.

It was...legendary.

I'm happy to report that the bird finally flew out, the dog went back to being scared of everything,  and the cats took a well deserved afternoon nap.

Welcome to our zoo.

Our happy hour snack yesterday...persian cucumbers, fresh from the garden radishes, sea salt, european butter and crusty french bread.  Simple and delicious.'s coming.  I feel it!

I heard Maya Angelou speak at a conference a decade or so ago and it was one of those experiences I hold close to my heart.  I was far away, in the cheap seats, yet she wasn't one where that was her words that mattered.  She was one amazing I hope my children's children will read about.

I'm so happy it's the weekend...we've been invited to a dinner, there is a funeral to attend, prom pictures for our beautiful neighbor to watch, a garden to water, a book to finish, church, and a meal or three to cook.  It's full but a good kind of full...praying for a little sleep in there as well.


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