Monday, May 5, 2014

My Birthday

I love birthdays...mine, others.  Doesn't matter...I just think it's a pretty special thing to have a day just for you.  Mine this year?


My middle boy gave me the gift of labor.  I'm telling you...this kid built and shoveled and hauled for hours and hours in 90 degree heat.  Best. gift. ever.


Coffee with girlfriends followed by lunch with another girlfriend.  Got to see lots of special people that day.

That guy that I like so much had a casual, not so little concert in the middle of the day and towards the end?

They sang to me.

Pays to know people, I tell ya.

My big present this year?

All my boys came home and we went to dinner at Nick's.  It was such a great, fun night.  The moments when we are all together don't happen all that much so I savor them when they happen.

And the spumoni?


Saturday night I got my 2nd birthday wish...dinner at our Turkish friends.  I say it over and over and OVER...but they are truly the best cooks ever.

All their kids?  Out for the night.  All mine?  Crashed when they heard Alev was cooking.

We seriously owe them a quiet date night.


She made all my favorites and even after eating until I could eat no more, all I wanted to do was lick my plate. want a killer moussaka?  Hit me up and I'll see what I can do for you.


It was a really, really nice weekend.  I'm thankful for so's to another year.


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