Thursday, October 3, 2013

Real Life

Real life 101 means that supper the other night was Chik Fil-A.  Seriously.  If you know us in real life, well, we're not a fast food family.  We'll eat it on Sundays after church or on a weekend during basketball games but we never (and yes, I can use the word never in this case) eat it for supper.

Until now.

Go ahead and judge.  I do.  But everyone ate and got where they needed to go and we're all still living.

And wearing clean socks.

That's something, right?

Fall is here and so is homework.  And basketball.  I guess I don't get the deal with homework.  You've got my boys all day long; let them be with me at night.  There...I said it out loud.  Stop piling on the homework.  Try as you might, he's not going to remember 3/4 of this stuff anyway.  

What will he remember?

The fact that his mother didn't cook supper on Monday night and he had to wear his brothers socks to school on Tuesday.  

OK...pile on the homework.  He deserves it.

Tuesday night we went to CA Adventure to see World of Color.  We'd never seen it; friends invited us along and after a pretty full day we found ourselves in the Cove Bar having a beer and people watching.

The show was fabulous and I'm so glad we went.  Sometimes it's nice to break our normal routine and do something a little different...felt like a date night.  Maybe because it was a date night.


The best part?

Long sleeves, baby.  I got to wear long sleeves.

Hello, Fall.  I've missed you!

Yesterday I dug out the pretty candles, cooked a beef stew long and slow in the oven, spent hours on the phone for work, lunched with a girlfriend, pedicured with another girlfriend, hiked 5 miles alone and had a really great cappuccino while planning a little trip and ignoring the fact that there were shoes everywhere,  no clean towels and a kitchen that could really use a good cleaning.

Real life lives here.

You can borrow it if you'd like.


Happy Thursday.  


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  1. So if you are going to go the fast food route, why not just go 'all out' and go to Five Guys? :-)


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